Billy “Daniel” Bunter Talks To London Live About His New Book

Check out the video of rave legend Billy Daniel Bunter talking about his new book “The Love Dove Generation” on London Live.

The Love Dove Generation centres around the east London rave scene of the late ’80s/early ’90s and is the autobiography of Daniel Light, professionally known as Billy “Daniel” Bunter, who started out as Britain’s youngest rave DJ aged just 15. Daniel rose to the top of the pile at the legendary Labrynth, 12 Dalston Lane, E8 before embarking on a global career in music that continues to this day. This book not only reveals Daniel’s ascent from the backstreets and markets of Wood Green, north London, but also chronicles the progression of the UK rave scene – with contributions from The Prodigy, Slipmatt, Mark Archer (Altern 8), Eamon Downes (Liquid), Rat Pack, Kenny Ken, Uncle Dugs, Jon Doe and many more… including Joe “Labrynth” Wieczorek who created the infamous club that established the Billy “Daniel” Bunter name.

You can find out more here at Music Mondays